MongoDB For VS Code Launched

The 'MongoDB for VS Code' extension is open-source under the Apache 2 license.

Recently, MongoDB announced MongoDB for VS Code, which is an extension that enables developers to quickly connect to MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas and work with their data to build applications right inside their code editor.
MongoDB for VS Code allows developers to connect to a MongoDB or Atlas cluster and navigate through the databases and collections. You can also get a quick overview of your schema, and see the documents in your collections.
The solution also enables you to create MongoDB Playgrounds, which according to the company is the fastest way to prototype CRUD operations and MongoDB commands.
Moreover, with MongoDB for VS Code, you can also quickly access the MongoDB Shell, to launch the MongoDB Shell from the command palette and quickly connect to the active cluster.
The company said that MongoDB for VS Code is open-source under the Apache 2 license.
In order to install MongoDB for VS Code you need to simply search for it in the Extensions list directly inside VS Code. Alternatively, you can head to the "MongoDB for VS Code" homepage in the VS Code Marketplace.
The solution can connect to MongoDB standalone instances or clusters on MongoDB Atlas or self-hosted. After the connection, developers can browse databases, collections, and read-only views directly from the tree view.
Source: MongoDB 
Interestingly, for each collection, users will see a list of sample documents and a quick overview of the schema. This is so helpful as a reference while writing queries and aggregations.
MongoDB for VS Code also allows developers to launch a MongoDB Shell and be connected to the active server or cluster in no time.