Most Popular 20 Articles of 2012

There has been a lot of interest lately in the theory that the world is going to end in the year 2012.

But all was false, and as usual resources are flowing in the site. This year brought many good things for the site. A new site was launched in the first quarter and several new features and sections in months after that.

And on this year-end we would like to bring to you the top contents from the site.

To begin with, the top articles based on views, likes, and comments are as follows.


  1. Crystal Report in Visual Studio 2010
  2. GridView Paging Sample in ASP.NET
  3. How to Call Web Service in Android Using SOAP
  4. Insert, Update and Delete Data With DataGridView in Windows Form Using WCF Service
  5. Binding DropDownList With Database in ASP.NET
  6. Rename or Delete User Account in Windows 8
  7. Display Marquees on ASP.Net Webpage
  8. A Simple Example of WCF Service
  9. Select Insert, Update And Delete With ASP.NET MVC
  10. A Simple WPF Application Implementing MVVM
  11. ASP.NET Web Service Basics
  12. Insert Edit Update in Gridview Using Single Stored Procedure
  13. How to Map Network Drive in Windows 8
  14. Using "OUT" Parameter With Stored Procedure in ASP.NET
  15. Configuring Connection String in App.Config File During Runtime For a C# Windows Application
  16. Edit GridView Row With ModalPopupExtender in ASP.NET Ajax
  17. How to Get the Selected Row in a GridView Using ASP.NET
  18. Dropdown List in PHP
  19. Creating an Application Using Entity Framework 4.1 Code First Approach
  20. Data Driven Testing Using Selenium (webdriver) in C#


  1. How to Call Web Service in Android Using SOAP
  2. Online Shopping Website in ASP.NET- Open Source Project
  3. Working With the DataTable Class in C#
  4. Social Networking Website in ASP.NET - Open Source Project
  5. Send SMS Using C# .Net
  6. 3 Tier Architecture Using ASP.NET
  7. SignalR - Simple Chat Application in C#
  8. Creating a C# Softphone
  9. Data Driven Testing Using Selenium (webdriver) in C#
  10. Export Panel in ASP.NET
  11. Insert, Select, Update and Delete Records in a Single Stored Procedure Using SQL Server
  12. Import Data from Excel to DataGridView in C#
  13. WCF REST Service With JOSN Data
  14. Using Ajax AutoCompleteExtender For Autosuggest
  15. DataList Custom Paging in ASP.NET using C#
  16. Previewing Image in ASP.NET Image Control
  17. Creating a Search Page in PHP
  18. Control Your Remote Control Car With PC Keyboard
  19. Create a Form Based Authentication Site in Sharepoint2010
  20. Enabling Windows Store in Windows 8


  1. Create SSRS Report Using Report Wizard
  2. WCF Introduction and Contracts - Day 1
  3. WCF - Data Contract - Day 4
  5. WCF Message Exchange Patterns: Day 3
  6. Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
  7. WCF - Difference Between Service Application and Service Library: Day 5
  8. Factory Design Pattern
  9. WCF Fault Contracts - Day 2
  10. WCF Service Configuration Using Configuration Editor- Day 12
  11. WCF Message Contract: Day 9
  12. WCF Service Configuration Using Web.config - Day 11
  13. WCF Serialization Part 2: Day 7
  14. WCF Serialization Part 1: Day 6
  15. WCF Opt-In Vs. Opt-Out: Day 8
  16. Making an Image Slideshow in ASP.NET
  17. Learn .NET in 60 days - Part 1 (13 Labs)
  18. Free Book: C# Programming for Beginners
  19. Understanding TypeScript
  20. WCF - Address, Binding and Contract: Day 10

We like to thank all contributors for the continuing support in the form of articles, blogs, forums, news, resources and look forward to more contributions in the years to come.