Most Popular 20 Blogs of 2012

We are bringing to you the top contents for this year. 

In previous news, we listed the top articles of 2012.

The top blogs based on views, likes, and comments are as follows.

Top Blogs (Views)

  1. Insert data in Grid View without using database
  2. Always leave office on time
  3. Insert,Update and Delete data in GridView using the Database (SQL)
  4. How to Use CGI Scripts in Web Hosting
  5. Insert data from Gridview to database
  6. Practical Approach of Converting JSON String to Object and ViceVesra using JavascriptSerializer c#
  7. Select query on datatable for filter data
  8. How to Encrypt or Decrypt password using Asp.Net with c#
  9. Add, remove or modify the query string value in URL in ASP.NET
  10. Insert RadioButton values into database
  11. Generating XML File From SQL Database Using C#
  12. Learn ASP.NET MVC 4
  13. JavaScript Message Box
  14. Twitter Style(glow) Textbox Using Css3 new features box-shadow
  15. Select Query on DataTable for filtering Data Using LINQ
  16. Get a cell value in ASP.NET GridView
  17. Search and show GridView data in popup Window
  18. Upload files in windows application
  19. Upgrading Office 2010 to Office 2013
  20. How to create Chart in ASP.NET

Top Blogs (Comments)

  1. Received first time Microsoft MVP!
  2. Got Microsoft MVP Award for 2012
  3. Got Microsoft MVP 2012 for Visual C#
  4. Working on Web Parts Controls in ASP.Net
  5. MVP status renewed
  6. Congratulation Abhimanyu
  7. Vijay Prativadi - Telerik Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  8. Got MCT
  9. Congratulations Dhananjay Kumar
  10. TCS Campus Drive 2013 Batch: My Experience
  11. Wish very Happy Birthday to Praveen sir our Editor in Chief \
  12. Congratulations Scott Lysle
  13. After the 1st C# Corner Istanbul Chapter Event(with Photos)
  14. Load text file in JavaScript
  15. Microsoft MVP: Proud to be an MVP (July 2012)
  16. Happy Diwali 2012
  17. Audio Player Class With C#
  18. Delhi C# Corner Meeting Recap
  19. Awarded with Microsoft MVP Award: 3rd time in Row
  20. Database Technologies provided by Mircosoft

Top Blogs (Likes)

  1. Bitwise Operation in SQL Server
  2. How To Shrink Database Log File In Sql Server
  3. Difference between # and ## in Sql Server
  4. How to split a string in Sql Server
  5. User Defined Data Type in Sql Server
  6. Get Backup Of All Databases Without Using Cursor
  7. Received first time Microsoft MVP!
  8. Functionality of MySQL LPAD with SqlServer
  9. How we can send async mail using ASP.Net
  10. Share documents with other users in SharePoint 2013 document library
  11. SQL Query to find out the frequency of each element in a column
  12. Congratulations Scott Lysle
  13. A Simple Example of Border Radius Property in JavaScript
  14. Add and remove User into SharePoint group Using Client Object Model
  15. Is V Model better than Water Fall Model? If so how is it?
  16. What is RTM (Requirement traceability matrix) and its importance?
  17. URL shortner
  18. What is jQuery Object
  19. Central Administration returns blank page after installation on Windows 7
  20.  Select Insert Update And Delete(CRUD) With ASP.NET MVC4 -Razor on SAME VIEW