Motion Stills app For iOS Now Comes With Cinemagraphs

Google has currently updated its Motion Stills app for iOS which goes on to automatically improve Live Photos when taken from iPhone and one model of iPad.
It is, however, possible now to create cinemagraphs that freeze a particular area of an image, which is not moving, while allowing for the movement of the key action. It seems quite similar to what Microsoft has been offering in its Pix camera app for iOS, but it is lot more than just stabilization.
The company in its official blog states,
“We are also going beyond stabilization to bring you fully automatic cinemagraphs. After freezing the background into a still photo, we analyze our result to optimize for the perfect loop transition. By considering a range of start and end frames, we build a matrix of transition scores between frame pairs. A significant minimum in this matrix reflects the perfect transition, resulting in an endless loop of motion stillness.”
With Motion Text, you can easily go on to position your text anywhere you want over your video, providing you with the exact result which you want. It would only take few seconds to initiate it while you type, and it will also go on to track at 1000 FPS throughout the entire Live Photo, making the process feel instantaneous.
You can now download the Motion Stills app, here.

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