Mozilla Launches IoT Solutions

Mozilla recently announced the new Mozilla IoT solutions which enable the users to build their own IoT gateway. This gateway is the part of the experimental framework, WoT in the company. The WoT (Web of Things) is an idea inspired by World Wide Web which is being implemented to IoT.
The company stated in one of its official blog posts,
The “Web of Things” (WoT) is the idea of taking the lessons learned from the World Wide Web and applying them to IoT. It’s about creating a decentralized Internet of Things by giving Things URLs on the web to make them linkable and discoverable, and defining a standard data model and APIs to make them interoperable.”
This appreciable step by the company has made it easier to build a Things Gateway with devices like Raspberry Pi, and also works with voice and web-based commands. Also, you can use USB Dongles and Flash SD Cards. The company shares the instructions on GitHub
The company stated in a blog,
“Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become more popular over the last few years, but there is no single standard for how these devices should talk to each other. Each vendor typically creates a custom application that only works with their own brand. If the future of connected IoT devices continues to involve proprietary solutions, then costs will stay high, while the market remains fragmented and slow to grow. Consumers should not be locked into a specific product, brand, or platform. This will only lead to paying premium prices for something as simple as a “smart light bulb.”
Well, this is a good opportunity for developers and this kind of initiatives from software giants will definitely encourage the developers to bring something new to the world.