Mozilla Rebrands Itself With New Logo, Font, And Design

It's been more than half a year since Mozilla set out to refresh its brand experience. The company is now sharing its experience with you, and if you are looking forward to joining this process, you can go check here and here.
The company, in its official blog, states,
“Our brand identity – our logo, our voice, our design – is an important signal of what we believe in and what we do. And because we are so committed to ensuring the Internet is a healthy global public resource, open and accessible to everyone, we’ve designed the language of the Internet into our brand identity.”
Mozilla has shared its new logo, along with a proposed color palette, language architecture, and imagery approach.
Mozilla states that the font for the wordmark and accompanying copy lines is Zilla, which is created by Typotheque in the Netherlands. Zilla is free and open to everyone.
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Now, anyone will be able to create the Mozilla logo just by typing and highlighting with the "Zilla" font. The black box, which surrounds the logo, is the main building block of the design, and echoes the way in which you will select type in toolbars and programs.
The company states,
“Mozilla comes first in any application of the system, just as the protocol begins any internet journey. Copy lines, colors, and images all flow from that starting point, much like a web journey.”
Color palette
The color palette has been derived from the highlight colors which Firefox uses. The color flows into the logo and changes as per the context in which the logo is used.
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The company states,
“As we develop our style guide, we’ll define color pairings, intensities, and guidelines.”
Language and language architecture
You will now be able to view Mozilla messages at the right of or below the logo. The logo also holds programs, events, as well as team names.
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The company states,
“It will now be easier to know that something is “from” Mozilla and understand how our global initiatives connect and reinforce one another."
Mozilla expects this to help the entire Mozilla volunteer communities to create their own identity by selecting color and choosing images which are unique to just them.
Mozilla made imagery an important component of their system.
The company states,
“Dynamic imagery allows the identity of Mozilla to evolve with the Internet itself, always fresh and new. Static applications of our identity system include multiple, layered images as if taken as a still frame within a moving digital experience.”
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Mozilla explains that they intend to invite artists, designers, and technologists to contribute to imagery collective and the company will also code curated GIFs, animations, along with still images to flow into and other digital experiences.
The company will soon roll this new brand identity out in phases.