NATS 2.0 Released

Recently, NATS, an open source messaging system, announced the general availability of NATS 2.0. comes with the ability to run on-premises, in all cloud providers, as well as in edge computing and IoT devices and offers both scalable service and microservice communications, observability, as well as data and event streaming.
The company said that NATS 2.0 will take to the next level. 2.0 offers radically easy development and deployment in complex environments, reducing time to market and drastically reducing operational costs. It brings easy-to-use decentralized security and built-in zero-configuration disaster recovery.
NATS 2.0 brings a simple API, allowing rapid innovation and easy support for integration with existing technologies. Synadia NGS, driven by NATS 2.0 technologies, is a modern and secure global messaging utility with isolated communication contexts and secure sharing, creating the first global digital dial tone.
According to the company, NATS bundles the most prevalent and valuable messaging patterns including request/reply with transparent scaling and observability, and event and data streaming, into one technology.
NATS is an Apache 2.0 licensed, open source project. It is an official incubating of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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