.NET 5 Preview 1 Released

.NET 5 Preview 1 brings support for Windows ARM64.

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of the first preview of .NET 5, which is scheduled to GA in November.
This preview 1 includes support for Windows ARM64 for the first time. The release includes the .NET Core runtime. The company said that it expects preview 2 to include the SDK and a later preview will include WPF and Windows Forms. Moreover, support for Windows ARM64 will also be back-ported to .NET Core 3.1 in some time.
Some of the high-level goals for .NET 5 include Unified .NET SDK experience, Native Applications supporting multiple platforms, Web Applications supporting multiple platforms, and High performance Cloud Native Applications.
The preview 1 brings significant regular expression performance improvements. These improvements routinely result in throughput improvements of 3 to 6 times, claimed the company, and in some cases, much more.
Improvements for null check folding removes the necessity to generate null checks in more cases by observing more patterns where null checks are provably unnecessary.
Tuned common subexpression evaluation enables the JIT to look for and collapse duplicate expressions that only need to be evaluated once.
The team has added assembly load information to event pipe. Microsoft said that this improvement is the start of making similar diagnostics functionality available as is part of .NET Framework with the Fusion Log Viewer.
Developers can use dotnet-trace to collect this information, by making use of the command: dotnet-trace collect --providers Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntime:4:4 --process-id [process ID]
You can find the workflow which is described in Trace Assembly Loading with Event Pipe. Below is an assembly loading information for a simple test app.
Source: Microsoft 
Also, in .NET 5.0, the event pipe has been extended to enable profilers to write event pipe events.

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