.NET 5.0 Preview 3 Released

Recently, Microsoft announced the release of .NET 5.0 Preview 3, which icludes a set of new features and performance improvements.
Microsft said that it is continuing to work on the bigger features that will define the 5.0 release.
The new release features code quality improvements in RyuJIT and .NET SDK Support for .NET Framework Assemblies.
In Preview 3, the BitArray class has been updated to include a hardware-accelerated implementation for ARM64 using ARM64 intrinisics. This results in significant performance improvements for BitArray.
The latest release also features On-stack replacement (OSR), which is a new feature that allows the code executed by currently running methods to be modified in the middle of method execution, while those methods are active "on stack". OSR is currently experimental and opt-in (on x64), and aimed at improving the more challenging performance characteristics of tiered compilation.
The new release also features System.Text.Json improvements such as support for preserve references on JSON dotnet/runtime #655 and new System.Net.Http.Json project/namespace dotnet/runtime #33459.
According to Microsoft, the .NET SDK will now auto-reference the Microsoft.NETFramework.ReferenceAssemblies NuGet package given a .NET Framework target framework in a project file. This will enable you to build .NET Framework projects on a machine without requiring .NET Framework targeting pack installed.

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