.NET 5.0 Preview 5 Is Now Available

Microsoft has released .NET 5.0 Preview 5, containing a small set of new features and performance enhancements.
The preview 5 features RyuJIT improvements like faster, portable implementation of tailcall helpers, Improved JIT speed, Improved Intel architecture performance using new hardware intrinsics BSF/BSR, and Implement Vector{Size}.AllBitsSet.
With .NET 5.0 the company has enabled exports for native binaries. The building block of the feature is hosting API support for UnmanagedCallersOnlyAttribute. The native exports project will allow you to expose custom native exports and you don't need a higher-level interop technology like COM.
Preview 5 also brings support for Linux for System.DirectoryServices.Protocols. The release also features support for Alpine 3.12.
Microsoft has also put together a .NET 5.0 Runtime epics issue that developers can use in order to navigate the big investments and themes in the release. Here, an epic is a collection of features that together form a step-function level improvement in .NET

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