.NET 5.0 Preview 6 Is Now Available

Microsoft released .NET 5.0 Preview 6. The latest release features Windows ARM64 updates, Windows Forms, RyuJIT code quality improvements and improvements to Single file apps.
Alongside the company also announced the release of ASP.NET Core and EF Core.
Earlier, Preview 4 had brought the support for Windows ARM64 which only enabled console and ASP.NET Core apps on Windows ARM64. The Preview 6 SDK now includes support for Windows Forms. Developers can now build and run Windows Forms apps on Windows ARM64 devices, just like they would on x64. Microsoft said that it still is working on adding support for WPF on Windows ARM64.
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft said that VS Code is also adding support for ARM64. VS code will also support the C# extension and the .NET debugger running within the Windows ARM64 version of VS Code, in the coming time.
Generally Visual Basic users are used to being able to enforce that their applications are single-instanced, the same behavior is now available using WindowsFormsApplicationBase.IsSingleInstance.
General RyuJIT improvements include Struct handling improvements and Optimization to remove redundant zero initializations. The release also features a bunch of ARM64 hardware intrinsics improvements and ARM64 generated code improvements.
The release also adds a new option to include native binaries and any additional content (like images) in the single-file. Such files will be extracted upon the first launch. Now, Apps that target Linux and macOS do not require to use this option for native runtime binaries, unless they want to use it for media or other content.
For more details, you can visit the official blog here.

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