NET 5.0 Preview 8 Is Now Available

NET 5.0 release is now "feature complete". All features are nearly in their final form and Preview 8 is, appropriately, the last preview.

Microsoft released .NET 5.0 Preview 8.
.NET 5.0 includes many improvements including single-file applications, smaller container images, more capable JsonSerializer APIs, support for Windows ARM64, and a complete set of nullable reference type annotations.
Microsoft said that with the release of Preview 8, the .NET 5.0 release is now "feature complete". Very nearly all features are in their final form and Preview 8 is, appropriately, the last preview.
Source: Microsoft
In the NET libraries, in the GC, and the JIT performance has been greatly improved. ARM64 was a key focus for performance investment, resulting in much better throughput and smaller binaries. 5.0 includes new language versions, C# 9 and F# 5.0.
.NET 5.0 also includes support for Web Assembly, using the Mono runtime and the .NET Libraries. This is the foundation of Blazor Web Assembly in .NET 5.0.
C# 9, F# 5, and Visual Basic are included in the .NET 5.0 SDK. Visual Basic does not include language changes, but has improvements to support the Visual Basic Application Framework on .NET Core.
The company has added support for Windows ARM64 as part of this release. But for now, the team has decided to delay the Windows Desktop component (Windows Forms, WPF). You will get the Windows Desktop component back as part of a 5.0 servicing update.

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