.NET 6 Preview 2 Is Out

Preview 2 includes new APIs, runtime performance improvements, and early builds of .NET MAUI. 

Recently, Microsoft released .NET 6 Preview 2, which includes new APIs, runtime performance improvements, and early builds of .NET MAUI. 

The release also includes builds for Apple Silicon, which were missing for Preview 1.

Microsoft said that .NET 6 has been tested with VS 16.9 and VS for Mac 8.9. The company recommends you use those builds if you want to try .NET 6.

Wel, .NET 6 is scheduled to be released in November 2021 and will be supported for three years, as an LTS release. In .Net 6 the platform matrix has been significantly expanded compared to .NET 5. The additions include Android; iOS; Mac and Mac Catalyst, for x64 and Apple Silicon; and Windows Arm64 (specifically Windows Desktop).    

Note that .NET 6 Debian container images are based on Debian 11, which is currently in testing.

The .NET team has added .NET MAUI and single project developer experiences for Android, iOS, and Mac Catalyst. They have updated the samples repository with projects developers can run today with .NET 6 Preview 2. With each preview, more and more functionality will be added. For now, your best experience running these projects is through the command line.

The release also adds the first controls and properties that implement a new handler approach. These include partial implementations of Button, Label, and Entry, Slider, and Switch.

Source: Microsoft

The team said that in the last several versions, a lot of effort has gone into improving throughput, and reducing memory consumption, along with other factors that impact the steady-state performance of an application. For .NET 6, the team is also focused on a few additional aspects, many of which are highlighted as part of one of the .NET 6 themes: improving inner-loop performance for .NET developers.