.NET Core 2.1 RC1 Released

Microsoft has announced the first release candidate of .NET Core 2.1. According to the company, the .NET Core 2.1 RC 1 is now ready for broad testing and for production use. Along with this, ASP.NET Core 2.1 RC 1 and Entity Framework 2.1 RC 1 are also released.

In an official blog, the company states,

“Our quality, reliability, and performance testing give us confidence that the release is ready for the first set of production users. On the metrics that we can measure, .NET Core 2.1 is a large step forward from .NET Core 2.0.”

However, the company indicates that at this point in the release, the feature set and performance characteristics are not changing much. Developers can develop .NET Core 2.1 apps with Visual Studio 2017 15.7, Visual Studio for Mac 7.5, or Visual Studio Code. And, the SDK is available for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux.

This is but obvious that some new features have been added to this new release. Some of the important features include – 

  • “Go Live” Support
  • Alpine Support
  • ARM Support
  • Docker images updated
  • Addition of Brotli Compression Algorithm
  • A number of Cryptography APIs integrated
  • .NET Core Global Tools feature now stabilized
  • Support for SourceLink system added
  • Tiered Compilation in Preview

You can see complete details of the release, such as – instructions, known issues, and workarounds, in the .NET Core 2.1 RC 1 release notes.