.NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 Released

Today, at the .NET Conference 2018, Microsoft has announced the release of .NET Core 2.2 Preview 2. Being a preview release, this version does not add up a lot of improvements and features but some significant fixes.

The major improvement in this release is that now it is tiered compilation enabled by default. So, unlike .NET Core 2.1, we don’t have to enable the tiered compilation via application configuration or an environment variable.

Here is an excerpt from the official announcement

“You can see the benefit of tiered compilation in the image below. The baseline is .NET Core 2.1 RTM, running in a default configuration, with tiered compilation disabled.

.NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 
Source: Microsoft 

The second scenario has tiered compilation. You can see a significant request-per-second (RPS) throughput benefit with tiered compilation enabled.”

For the full list of changes, instructions, issues, and workarounds, you can read the Release Notes here.

As usual, the company has released ASP.NET Core 2.2 Preview 2 and Entity Framework 2.2 Preview 2 also, along with this release.