.NET Core 3.0 Announced

Today, at the .NET Conf 2018, Microsoft and .NET team announced the next version of .NET and its related technologies updates that include .NET Core 3, ML.NET, Xamarin, C#, and Visual Studio.

Today, at the .NET Conf 2018, Microsoft and .NET team announced the next version of .NET and its related technologies updates.
Scott Hunter, Program Manager at Microsoft of .NET Platform talked about new updates in .NET Core 3.0. Here is a recap of these updates. 
  • 1 million new developers joined .NET last year.
  • Over half a million developers are writing code in .NET Core every day.
  • Faster peformance  
.NET Core 3 Desktop Improvements
Windows Forms and WPF frameworks are now available in .NET Core 3.0.
  • XAML Islands – WinForms and WPF can host UWP
  • XAML Controls – You can now host most common UWP controls in WinForms and WPF browser such as media UWP controls
  • High DPI fixes for WinForms 
Access to all the Windows 10 APIs
.NET Core App Bundler allows you to create precompiled, fast startup, and standalone self-contained exe that can run in itself. Small apps by removing unused dependencies
WinForms supports available in nightly builds
Visual Studio supports building and debugging WinForms and WPF apps
Blazor Updates 
  • Blazor programming model integrated into ASP.NET Core 3
  • Blazor runs on the server side in .NET Core
  • Handle Client UI interactions using SingalR
  • The same code can run client-side on WebAssembly with no code changes
  • WebAssembly support remains experimental while runtime matures
  • Shipping in .NET Core 3.0 
ML.NET 0.5 is Available Now 
  • ML.NET 0.5 is available now. In this version, here is a list of updates
  • Additional ML scenarios for clustering, recommendation, and deep learning
  • New learners: FFM, LightGBM, Ensemble, and SymSGD
  • New Transforms LightLDA and Word Embeddings
  • ONNX support
  • Additional train and test options include Cross-Validation 
C# Language Update
C# 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 are already available now that focused on safe, efficient code, more freedom, and less code.
C# 8.0 is on the deck.
Xamarin and mobile development updates.
Watch the following video for complete keynote session.