.NET Core 3.0 Preview 7 Now Available

The Preview 7 brings .NET Core SDK Size Improvements and SOS Update.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Preview 7 of NET Core 3.0. The new release features NET Core SDK Size Improvements and SOS Update.
The company said that the Microsoft .NET Site has already been updated to .NET Core 3.0 Preview 7. The company also recommend using the new release in production.
According to the company, the .NET Core SDK is significantly smaller in size with .NET Core 3.0. as the team changed the way it constructs the SDK, by moving to purpose-built packs of various kinds such as reference assemblies, frameworks, and templates. While in earlier versions it constructed the SDK from NuGet packages. NuGet packages included a bunch of artifacts that were not required and wasted a lot of space.
The size improvements(above 30% on installer and above 75% on disk) for Linux and macOS are dramatic and for Windows, it looks smaller as the company has added WPF and Windows Forms as part of .NET Core 3.0. Well, even after adding WPF and Windows Forms in 3.0 the installer is still a little smaller.
Now on, SOS will ship out of band and will work with any version of the runtime. Instructions for installing the updated SOS is available here.
The company said that the .NET Core 3.0 release is reaching its completion, and the now the sole focus is on stability and reliability and the team is no longer building new features.