Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2007 - Released

Nevron Chart

Q1 2007


Nevron Chart for .NET is a unique component, because it combines visual richness with a vast amount of charting types grouped together in a comprehensible and extensible API. Following is a list of the new features introduced in this release:


New Series
Nevron Chart for .NET now supports smooth area series with different variations - Standard Smooth Area, XY Smooth Area and Date-Time Smooth Area.


Numeric Display Panel
The Numeric Display Panel introduced in this version features various display styles, control over the decimal formatting, full control over the panel appearance and size and many others.


Chart for .NET VS2005 - Improved Visual Studio 2005 Integration

Nevron Chart for .NET VS2005 was designed specifically for Visual Studio 2005, the chart has seamless IDE integration and easy deployment.


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Nevron Chart