Nevron User Interface Suite for .NET Q3 2006 - Released

Nevron User Interface for .NET

Nevron User Interface for .NET is the only suite on the market with such a remarkable render quality and speed. Usage of pluggable renderers and palettes leverages the simplicity and extensibility of all components to a degree never experienced before. Explore rich and powerful docking library, professional and extensible command bars and set of extended Windows Forms controls designed to bring to your Windows Forms applications the latest GUI standards and technologies. The suite introduces lots of new custom controls which makes it easy to create distinguished, stylish and modern end-user presentation layer.

What’s new in version Q3 2006


Entry Box - The NEntryBox component is a composition of two controls - NRichTextLabel and NTextBox - which work as one entity providing the user with easy-to-use and professional-looking text entry control. The component also provides interactivity features giving the user visual cues like hover and focus.


Desktop Toolbar - Nevron User Interface gives you the ability to add the "Desktop Toolbar" functionality to your Windows Forms Applications. When Docked to any edge of the Desktop the Form will behave in much the same way as the Windows Taskbar - it will reserve desktop space, other windows will not overlap it, etc. The user may also detach the Form and it will behave like a standard .NET Form.


Extended Tooltip - Our NTooltip component allows you to display rich text tooltips with ease. Completely customizable our tooltip will bring to you the latest Office 2007 standards and appearance.


TrackBar - The NTrackBar is a modern and extended replacement of the standard System.Windows.Forms TrackBar control. Based on the NShadowDecorator component the control simply hosts a generic Nevron.UI.NTrackBarElement and redirects the user input to it. Being completely custom our NTrackBar allows for settings being unavailable in the standard one - thumb size, tick height, padding, action mouse button, etc. The control uses the default colors provided by its palette but you may completely change its fill, stroke and shadow information.


Popup Notify - Inspired from the pop notifications available in the MS Office 2003 and MS Messenger our NPopupNotify component enables you to display notifications in much the same manner. Our component is the only one on the market which takes into consideration the edge at which the system TaskBar is docked and properly calculates its location and animation. Opacity, animation effects, custom shapes, rich text context, "Options" caption button, etc. - all are freely customizable either at run or design-time.


Skinned ScrollBars - Being actually window styles rather than separate components the standard scrollbars of controls like tree-view, list-box, etc. are painted internally by the system and are very hard to customize. Nevron User Interface completely extends these internal scrollbars and makes the overall look-and-feel of those controls more consistent and professional.


Docking Panels - Sticky Floating Frames - The so called "Sticky Windows" - a dragged window will "stick" to some other logical area - is a very nice and useful feature now available in the Nevron Docking Panels. You have complete control over this behavior - things like whether or not to use sticky windows, sticky area inflate, stick to main form, stick to working area, etc. are all easily customized either at run or design-time. This feature is also available for the document frames when the document view is MdiStandart.


Docking Panels - MDI Custom Frames - The frames which host UI documents when the document view is MdiStandard are now synchronized with the global template provided by the UI manager.

UIPanel - Our NUIPanel is a modern replacement of the standard System.Windows.Forms panel. The component provides extended border support as well as customized scrollbars.