New And Improved C# Corner

We are happy to announce some cool new features and fixes this year-end.

Starting with some article publishing wizard editor.

Article publishing wizard editor

We have made some changes to the the online article content publisher, for you, for a better experience while publishing articles.

We receive feedbacks from the authors on a regular basis and following those feedbacks we try to resolve the issues in the new upcoming versions every month. 

Last time we made changes to “Auto-Save” the contents when using the content publisher wizard. 
This time Sam Hobbs feedback on “Content Publishing Editor” “not working on Internet Explorer 11” has been dealt with in this new version, along with dealing with the need for a new editor with more robust features.

Following the same, last week, we updated the site, placing a new “Content Publishing Editor” that works on all the modern browsers.

Some other new features of this editor are:

1. Syntax Highlighter Code: Allows you to insert code with proper format. 

Based on your type of code, you can select the “Code Language” and write/copy you code and insert it to the content. The formatted code with “Syntax Highlighter” will then look like this:

2. Insert Code using Microsoft Word: You can also insert the already formatted code from Microsoft word to content publisher using the option available on the right click on the editor.

3. Upload Multiple Images: Another interesting feature which was on demand from several users was to upload multiple images simultaneously. This feature has also been incorporated in this version:

4. Inserting/Managing Tables: Inserting tables and managing a table like adding rows/columns, deleting rows/columns has now been made much more easier with the new options available in the editor now:


Common functions such as formatting the text, selecting fonts/font style, applying color, intending only remain the same from the previous versions of the editor.

Expanding Comment Boxes

Typing comments in the comment boxes, located below every post, on the site has become much more convenient. The comment box now keeps on expanding along with providing a better visibility by  wrapping the texts, also, while writing the comment.

Message Box

The latest list of makeover also includes a Message Box which has been located in the Home page itself, at the top right corner of the screen. Now you can view your notifications right on the home page and track all the activities, recent and updated, right then and there.



Account Manager

Best saved for the last. High on demand feature, Personal Account Manager on the home page has also been, now, provided on the website. As the name suggests, you can completely manage your personal account, view/edit profile, change the password, and do much more, right from here without digging deep into the website. The Account manager is also located on the top right corner of the home page screen placed besides the message box.



Detailed Chapters: Keeping in mind the tremendous and vigorous activities happening in the Chapters around the world, we have decided to give them the space they deserve, Hence, from now on you will be able to view all the details regarding each specific chapter more clearly and distinctly on the Chapters page. Each Chapter has now become more view and information friendly for the users. 


Three New Sections: The Chapter page has added three more sections; Join A Chapter, About Chapters and FAQS. In order to make the process of adding chapters and removing any scope for confusion theses three sections has been added.     


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