New And Updated Microsoft IoT Kits Launched

Earlier this month, Microsoft released an all new Windows Insider Version of Windows 10 loT Core which supports the new Intel Joule.
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Back in September 2015, Microsoft partnered with Adafruite so as to make a Raspberry Pi 2 based Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit available. This kit has been designed to get the users started quickly and easily on the path of learning both the electronics, Windows 10 IoT Core and Raspberry Pi 2. And now, Adafruit is releasing the latest version of it.
This new kit keeps its focus on helping you to get started quickly and easily in the world of IoT and it also also includes an upgrade to the new Raspberry Pi 3. And, the best thing about this particular update is that, the price of the new kit is still the same.
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The latest kit now available from Seeed Studio, which is known as Grove Starter Kit for IoT, based on Raspberry Pi, builds on the greater design work which Seeed and their partner Dexter Industries have done around the Grove connector. It utilizes a common connector from the larger array of the available sensors so as to simplify the task of connecting to the device platform. This will help users to focus on being creative and not worrying about soldering electrical connections.
The selection of compatible modular devices extends beyond those which are  included in the kit, making this particularly applicable to starters, Makers and Maker Pros. The Seeed Kit can now easily be ordered from the Microsoft Store, Seeed Studio and also from Digi-Key.
Microsoft concluded by saying,
“We’re excited about how these kits help enable everyone, from those with no experience to those who prototype for a living, to quickly get started making new devices with Windows 10 IoT Core, Azure IoT and the Raspberry Pi 3.”

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