New Azure SDK Resource Management Libraries Reaches GA

These management libraries are intended to enhance the productivity of developers managing Azure resources.

Recently Microsoft shared that its Java and Python Resource Management libraries have reached General Availability and are now ready for production use.

Microsoft said that the goal of these management libraries is to enhance the productivity of developers managing Azure resources. These packages help users by providing idiomatic, consistent, approachable, diagnosable, and dependable code that easily integrate with Azure resources.


Source: Microsoft

Microsoft said that it explicitly established as one of its core principles that the libraries should follow the patterns of that language. 

As coverage of Azure services is an important aspect in management libraries. In this release release, the company has selected the most common and core services in Azure.

"We will also fasten the pace of covering more services while we continue to improve the quality of our preview libraries." said Microsoft

Microsoft encouraged developers to download and try the new SDKs today. You can visit release notes describing what’s new in each library, and how to get the packages.

General Release Notes
Release Notes for Java
Release Notes for .NET
Release Notes for Python