New Capabilities Added To Microsoft’s Skype Bot Platform

Microsoft announces updates to their Skype bot platform with new exciting features for bot developers. This new Skype Bot update is announced as a part of the latest update of the Microsoft Bot Framework.
In March 2016, at Build conference, Microsoft announced the Skype bot platform for developers and the research team claims that over 30,000 developers have been actively working on building bots since then. So, these new capabilities will help the developers in getting more interactive with the users.
The following is the list of new updates:
Groups – Now, developers can make more productive and entertaining Skype bots for the groups of Skype users. It means that bots is now capable of participating in group conversations.
Cards – Visual cards, like image cards, carousels, and receipts can now be created for interacting with the users in an attractive way.

Img Source: Microsoft
Third Party Authentication – Yes! Skype bots will make signing into outside services easy. Users need to authorize their credentials only once. So, developers can easily offer their services to Skype users.
Natural Languages – To make a better understanding of natural language, Sype has collaborated with Bing and working on Bing Entity and Intent detection for the same.
The official blog of Microsoft states, “Using the Microsoft Bot Framework you can publish your bot to Skype, and submit for promotion in the Skype and Microsoft bot directories, as well as get access to great bot building tools”.
So, developers who are interested in Skype bots can now utilize these new features in their bot applications. With these updates in Skype bots framework, we hope that we’ll get to see some advanced and innovative developments by talented developers, soon.