New Features In MongoDB 3.2

MongoDB is an open source document database and widely used NoSQL database. The latest version MongoDB 3.2 released last month and with that new features introduced.
As stated,
"MongoDB 3.2 is a giant leap forward that helps organizations standardize on a single, modern database for their new, mission-critical applications".
Here's a description about some new features,
Introduced new storage engines
MongoDB 3.2 introduced new storage engines to extend the capabilities of the database. That will allow users to choose the optimal technologies for the different workloads in their organization. 
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Major advances in the critical areas
The new version delivers major advances in the following critical areas,
  • Data governance,
  • High availability, and
  • Disaster recovery
Many organizations are moving their critical apps to MongoDB, so it is important to ensure data quality and maintaining continous service availability.
Data into Real-Time Insights 
Tools and enhancements introduced in 3.2 to empower your data analysts and data scientists to spark innovation using new insights from your previously untapped data sources.
Seamlessly connect and visualize your data 
The new BI Connector in 3.2 allows analysts, data scientists, and even business users to look into and visualize multi-structured data stored in MongoDB with industry-standard SQL-based BI and analytics platforms such as Qlikview, Tableau, etc.
MongoDB Compass - Visually explore data
MongoDB Compass is a advanced GUI but simple that allows any user within your organization to visualize and explore data with ad-hoc queries in just a few clicks. Surprisingly, all these things are possible with no knowledge of the MongoDB query language.
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MongoDB drivers have been enhanced with a new API 
The MongoDB drivers enhanced with a new API in version 3.2 that exposes query performance metrics to Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools for easier integration.
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