New Features On Chrome 48 Beta Launched

With the launch of Chrome 47 on desktops and Android, Google has also announced the launch of Chrome 48 Beta, which now comes with some exciting new features.
The new feature available in Chrome 48 Beta diminishes the distinction between the web and the applications, allowing the developers to add on custom buttons to notifications.
In their blog, Google states,
“Chrome 42 introduced the ability for users to receive push notifications from websites, allowing users to build deeper relationships with the sites they love. Usage of the feature has grown quickly, with Chrome now delivering more than 350 million push notifications every day. In the latest Chrome release, sites can now add custom buttons to notifications, enabling users to complete tasks entirely within the notification.”
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The mobile version of Chrome 48 Beta will soon be able to detect user’s connection speed, which would allow it to send the optimum page resources for that particular connection. These new features will helps the developers around the Globe to develop apps which will have all the benefits of a full app; however it will be easier to update and will also be smaller in size to download.
This new version of Chrome 48 Beta for Android will allow the websites to present to Chromecast or other Google enabled devices. It also allows the developers to build site, which shows presentation on the big screen and also have a presenter mode available on the phone. 
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You can now download Chrome 48 Beta from the play store or switch to the Beta channel on the browser. For further assistance and more detailed information on Chrome 48 Beta, check the official Google blog.