New Free Devart Code Completion Tool Offers Intelligent Coding Assistance in SQL Server Management Studio

New free code completion tool to provide faster query typing and automatic formatting in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Devart today announced the release of dbForge SQL Complete, a modern code completion tool that beefs up native IntelliSense® of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) with foremost features to introduce higher efficiency in typing and formatting T-SQL queries.

The tool enables any developer to romp through query typing and get the desired result at least three times faster. The value and power of dbForge SQL Complete's features become very apparent when you take into consideration how much time developers spend on query composing and editing.

dbForge SQL Complete puts extended prompt of database objects, keywords, function parameters, as well as automatic code formatting at your fingertips, turning ordinary query typing into an extraordinary experience.

More Features for Faster Query Typing

Unlike IntelliSense provided in SSMS, dbForge SQL Complete works with SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008, facilitating code typing with all its features without restrictions.

dbForge SQL Complete boasts the following advanced features that dramatically speed up typing and save efforts:

  • List Members feature frees users from the need to remember object names in databases they use. During typing SQL statements, dbForge SQL Complete shows a list of objects from the selected database or schema, names of table columns, and even keywords matching the context. It offers suggestions without being intrusive, and provides the ability to customize the delay time to show suggestions.

  • Word autocompletion reduces keyboard input. It allows typing only first several characters instead of whole names of database objects and having the rest autocompleted.

  • Parameter info provides access to descriptions of any built-in or user defined functions and their parameters in the query. It speeds up query composing by saving much effort usually spent on searching this information in external documentation.

  • Thanks to smart filtering, dbForge SQL Complete shows the most relevant object names and keywords in the list, taking into account typed symbols, camel case, a whitespace, or a square bracket. Besides, the suggestions are sorted to display best matches at the top of the list.

  • Able to automatically determine a current database or schema, even if they are not specified in a query, dbForge SQL Complete can suggest the names of their objects. In addition, the tool finds USE statements in the code and changes the current database for subsequent SQL statements.

  • With SQL Formatter, you can effortlessly get your code formatted based on one or another style. It takes only to set required rules by using a wide selection of formatting options. SQL Complete automatically formats SQL statements, paying attention to case, line breaks, whitespaces, indenting, wrapping, etc.

Broadening Horizons for the Tool

With the first version, Devart is on its way to produce a versatile tool for fast query typing and managing. Scheduled for dynamic development, dbForge SQL Complete soon will be packed with opulent features to put the fastest possible and on-the-fly query typing into hands of developers.

Replacing scarce IntelliSense of SSMS with high-end features, dbForge SQL Complete remains a free tool, granting unlimited access for anyone. The tool presents multiple ways to optimize T-SQL query typing and formatting, proving its worth of being a real asset as compared with pricey code completion tools, limited to trials and editions.

Pricing and Availability

dbForge SQL Complete is an absolutely free tool, but nevertheless you can receive full support. DbForge SQL Complete is available for immediate download at

Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about dbForge SQL Complete on its support page —

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