New IoT Innovations Of Microsoft Announced

At Microsoft, the rapid pace of innovation is continuing to accelerate and enterprises are increasingly embracing IoT. Already, IoT is creating buzz all over, viz-a-viz, many partners and customers are gaining momentum in their businesses with Microsoft IoT technologies. Thanks to IoT, it's possible to unlock unprecedented insights.
As per enterprise customers, who have already deployed IoT, Microsoft is preferred because it comprises of wide range of security features built into both Azure IoT Suite and Windows 10 IoT.
Microsoft ensures if the data is protected when it’s created, processed, and stored, as far as commitment to security is concerned. Not only this, it also makes sure to ensure that the devices are tamper proof, can be securely provisioned, and in addition, they are connected to each other and to the Cloud. With the new Security Program for Azure IoT, Microsoft augmented their IoT security offerings. The unique selling proposition is it offers independently validated assessments from expert security auditors who develop, evaluate, and implement the most rigorous security models for the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.
As per Microsoft,
• It enables IoT administrators to organize, query, configure, and update the software, firmware and configuration between millions of geographically dispersed and cross-platform IoT devices.
• Message routing for IoT works like the email rules you may use in your office to route messages to different folders, instead of ending up with a cluttered inbox that you have to sort through.
• Microsoft is continuing its commitment to hybrid cloud and edge-based IoT solutions with the enhancement of Azure IoT Gateway SDK.
• For rapid prototyping in commercial gateway scenarios, such as connecting new and legacy devices, performing edge analytics, translating protocols, and filtering data on the gateway before sending data to Azure IoT Hub, Microsoft’s partnership with Intel took the industry by storm.
• Azure IoT Certified device catalog enables easy searching and filtering for this huge set of devices so customers can quickly find a device that meets their needs.
Now, data analysis and action closer to the point of impact and Windows 10 IoT powers the edge devices that bring IoT to life, which is mainly because of Edge computing, as it is a key component of an IoT solution. Now, an interesting aspect has come, which is evident in the form of royalties, which are free both online and through the distribution partners.
This will revolutionize the computing era, as it helps organizations to make intelligent decisions, which are possible primarily due to visualizing sensor information. Moreover, it is possible to build a control valve monitoring system that helps processing industries perform predictive analytics on control valves, as it is enabled mainly because Emerson is integrating Azure IoT Suite and Windows IoT. With the help of Microsoft Cognitive Services and Windows 10 IoT Core, the users can dynamically update shopping lists and digitally interact with their refrigerator, creating an innovative grocery management experience.