New logo design concepts for Bing, Skype and Yammer revealed

Albert Shum, Windows Phone Design Studio General Manager, and Todd Simmons, Creative Director at Wolff Olins, announced at the Design Day 2013 Event in Norway that there will be some rebranding coming to Microsoft soon. 

Both said that Bing, Skype and the Xbox will be getting new logos soon. In their presentation called “The Re-Imagining of Microsoft” the pair showed a two year old concept video that looked at rebranding of some of the company’s popular products. 

According to the Verge, the pair discussed how Microsoft paid particular attention to certain brands like Nike when considering the company’s own redesign efforts. They discussed Nike as a company that always has a "Nikeness" about it which is something they want to incorporate into the Windows brand.

In the presentation, Simmons and Shum provided sketches of what some of the new logos may be Simmons says that the entire project is a huge risk, mainly as they are rebranding products used by millions of people, but that you can’t be innovative without taking a chance.


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