New Logo of Microsoft's Windows 8

Using this news you will get information about new logo of Microsoft's Windows 8.

As you know Microsoft is the largest software company. This year Microsoft will release many new products. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 this year. Microsoft's Windows 8 has many new features. Microsoft has removed the start button from Windows 8 and put its many features elsewhere in Windows 8. Currently Microsoft announced a new logo for Windows 8. Microsoft has detailed the thinking behind the latest change in its logo for Windows, saying the new design brings the software back to its roots.Windows8.jpg

The new logo of Windows 8 was created by the design house Pentagram, which has also worked for Dell, Nike etc. The new logo of Windows 8 looks like a inverse of the flag of Finland. It has a background with a skyblue color and thin white cross in the middle. At the end of this month, Microsoft will host a Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29 Feb. The consumer preview is the beta version of the operating system from Microsoft.

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