New MacBook Pro To Come With Touch ID Sensor And OLED Mini Screen

A massive MacBook Pro update seems to be just around the corner. Apple is currently planning to unveil a new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops, with retina displays. As per the report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is currently building a new pro laptop with several new features, such as OLED mini screen right above the keyboard and Touch ID sensor.
If you have been following the rumors on MacBook Pro, you will notice that there is nothing new in the current rumors, except the fact that Gurman is now confirming, what 9to5mac and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities have been saying; yes, the new MacBook Pro is going to be quite a huge release.
Let us now begin with the shape of the device. The new MacBook Pro will supposedly be thinner and lighter, but it will not be in wedge shaped like the MackBook Air or 12-inch retina MacBook. The bezels, which are present around the display will supposedly be smaller and the general frame of the device would be smaller.
In fact, it seems like a good sign that the new Macbook Pro will not look like MacBook Air, as those who go on to depend a lot on the multitude ports, available on the existing MacBook Pro – there will now be more than one port. Apple would also go on to switch to USB Type – C ports so as to replace the USB ports, the MagSafe port as well as the Thunderbolt ports as USB – C ports can now support the Thunderbolt protocol. Possibilities are that Apple will drop HDMI port along with SD card slot, so as to save the space.
It seems that Apple will most probably go on to use Intel Skylake processors, which would give the device a boost in the performance and also improve the energy consumption. Better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips are expected as well.
However, the most significant addition would be the narrow OLED display, which is right on the top of the keyboard. It should go on to replace the physical function keys with the touchscreen. This might go on to be the most surprising element of the mew MacBook Pro, as we do not know exactly how Apple is planning on using this strip. It seems that you will be able to control the basic laptop functions from the screen, such as media and volume button. However, it might be possible that Apple might take the advantage of this particular screen in order to display the shortcuts and information, depending on the app, which you would be using.
Apple also plans to integrate a Touch ID sensor in Mac. This would allow you to unlock your laptop by typing the password. More importantly, the Touch ID sensor would go on to ship with a secure enclave, making your Mac more secure. This would allow the app developers to use Touch ID for other purposes, such as password managers would go on to take the advantage of Touch ID. This would finally go on to make Apple Pay more secure for macOS Sierra.
Many people have gone on to point that MacBook Pro is quite outdated. The last major update which it had was in June 2012, bringing retina display and thinner design to the MacBook Pro lineup.
However, it should be noticed that the unibody MacBook Pro was introduced to the public in 2008, four years before the retina update. It’s not often that Apple changes its laptops; it only depends on the internal component upgrades now and then.
However, Skylake processors should have come sooner to the MacBook Pro. Gurman is stating that Apple will not introduce the new MacBook Pro at the iPhone launch event, which will most likely be taking place on September 7. Apple will most probably go on to introduce its new laptop in October.

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