New Microsoft Project Arrives With A New Subscription Plan

Microsoft has announced the GA of the new Microsoft Project which is even simpler and more powerful.

Recently, Microsoft announced the general availability of the new Microsoft Project along with a new subscription plan.
Microsoft said that the new Project is designed to be both simple and powerful. You can get started quickly and take control of any project right away.
Highlights of the new release are a fresh new experience, easy collaboration, extensible platform, and that it brings insights at your fingertips.
According to Microsoft, Project provides a redesigned user experience that is simple and intuitive. Interestingly, teams can easily add new members and set up tasks, and then quickly switch between grids, boards, or timeline charts to track progress. As Project is part of the Microsoft 365 family, you can save time and do more with built-in connections to familiar apps like Microsoft Teams and Office.
Source: Microsoft 
Well, Project works with Teams to support collaboration and make it easy to manage all aspects of a team project such as file sharing, chats, meetings, etc. The project allows team members in scattered locations to even edit tasks simultaneously, so they can get more done together, irrespective of where they are. And, to help teams stay on track, Project provides an automated scheduling engine based on effort, duration, and resources.
Source: Microsoft
Also, the new Project gives you greater visibility into your projects and several powerful tools to help you anticipate future needs. By, creating stunning interactive dashboards in Power BI, you can visualize every aspect of each project at a glance. To get the big-picture view of all your projects across your organization with the visual you can make use of interactive Roadmap feature.
Microsoft said that as the Project builds upon the Microsoft Power Platform, it enables you to quickly connect to the apps and services you already use and to develop custom desktop and mobile experiences to meet the specific requirement of every project team.
The company also announced a new subscription plan dubbed Project Plan 1, as part of this launch.
This subscription available at $10/user/month is useful for teams that need the essential capabilities of managing task-oriented projects. Capabilities, like assigning tasks and dependencies and scheduling and tracking project work using lists, boards, and timelines, are part of the subscription.
To learn more visit the official announcement here.