New OneNote Features For Android Now Available

Microsoft has announced on its Office blog the new updated features for OneNote Android app. The company states that it is also introducing new ways in which you will be able to embed content types in addition to improving usability on shared devices.
New features on OneNote for Android app
  • Password protected sections

    You will now be able to open sections which have been password protected on other devices, allowing you to gain access to sensitive information when you are on the go. Top user requests have also been made available.

  • Multi-window support

    One Note works side by side with the other Android apps which have multi-window support. For example, now you will be able to take notes on a PowerPoint check deck which you are reading or while you are doing research on the web.

  • Audio recording

    OneNote now allows you to take notes by typing, inking, clipping from the web and even by recording audio.
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The company states,
“A recording is a natural way to capture notes and ideas on the go, giving you the ability to easily record a lecture or practice your accent as you learn a new language.”
  • Insert embedded files
You can now easily insert and open any Office file or PDF which you will be able to save into OneNote so as to review your docs on the go.
Coming soon to OneNote for Android app
You will now be able to look for the ability to edit as well as personalize your section tabs directly in the Android app and you can now easily go back and undo changes to your notes so as to make sure that your ideas are written just the way you want them to be.
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Embed content into OneNote
You can also add the ability to embed new types of content right into the OneNote canvas. Additionally to YouTube and Vimeo, you will now be able to embed Office 365 Videos and  on, you will be able to show executable code snippets right in OneNote so as to teach inline with your notes and lesson plans.
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Use shared Windows devices more effectively in the classroom
Shared cart PC for OneNote is an all new "OneNote for Windows 10" feature to benefit schools which share devices among students, and the company will  provide a personalized experience for each of its users. Before class begins, teachers will be able to assign any student any shared Windows 10 PC. When students sign in to share the PC, new OneNote features help them to use their personalized OneNote across multiple shared PCs by doing the following as per the official blog:
  • Office 365 sign-in credentials roam with students when they sign in to OneNote for Windows 10.
  • New syncing indicator makes it easier to manage content saving to the cloud, including attachments, so students never lose work when they leave their shared PC.

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