New TypeScript Website Launched

The next iteration version of the TypeScript Website has launched on

Recently, the TypeScript team announced the next iteration version of the TypeScript Website, which has launched on
The website's latest version is sketched with a desire to make TypeScript 's documentation feel as expansive as its type-system, with a design that matches modern Microsoft styles.
Source: Microsoft
The new Website includes a revised intro to TypeScript on the homepage, compiler-backed code samples, improved accessibility, and support for learning TypeScript in your own (human) language.
The new version addresses a lot of site navigation issues. It completely splits mobile vs desktop site navigation so they are more focused on their domains. You also get a search option for the documentation. You also get interweaving code samples for the playground with existing documentation.
Source: Microsoft 
The team said that the new version has been built with accessibility in mind from day one. On each page, now you get following capabilities/options:
  • A focused mobile navigation design
  • Keyboard-only navigation
  • JavaScript being disabled
  • Text-to-Speech users
  • Cookies/Local Storage being denied
  • Light and Dark OS mode support, with a user-preference switcher
The Playground is also bringing a number of new features and improvements. Users now get a comprehensive set of examples teaching TypeScript in the Playground. Options from the tsconfig.json now also have explanations. You can now write in JS or TS, and see the .js or .d.ts outputs. The Playground can now also be extended by user plugins.
Source: Microsoft
The new website also includes a long-form description for every flag and examples are compiler-backed. This ensures that the examples show exactly what happens when a particular config is changed.