New Updates To Xamarin Unveiled

.NET MAUI, the .NET Multi-platform App UI framework brings evolution for native client developers building apps with .NET.

Recently, At Microsoft Build 2020 the company unveiled the latest updates to Xamarin including XAML Hot Reload, Hot Restart, Dual-Screen Support, and more.
The company also demonstrated how to collaborate remotely using Teams and Visual Studio Live Share to iterate on an app together in real-time.
The company announced the next evolution of Xamarin.Forms, .NET MAUI, the .NET Multi-platform App UI framework. Microsoft said that it is streamlining .NET for developers with a consistent API, consistent project system, and tooling. This brings an exciting evolution for native client developers building apps with .NET.
Source: Microsoft 
According to the company .NET MAUI is the next generation framework for building native cross-platform apps across mobile and desktop. .NET MAUI is built on top of the new generation of .NET and project system and introduces new ways to build applications. The solution also brings first-class support for code first development with Model-View-Update (MVU) architecture.
.NET MAUI also simplifies building cross-platform native apps as it brings a single-project structure and cross-platform resources.

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