New Users Can Now Sign Up Skype With Microsoft Account

Skype has announced in its official blog post, a new sign-up method for the new users with a registered Microsoft account. As per Microsoft, using the Microsoft accounts for sign-up provides more security and makes it easier for the users to connect to the other Microsoft services.

The new login facility comes with additional features which include:

  • Microsoft's two-step authentication process to keep users account secure.
  • Enhanced password recovery, including the ability to reset your password via a security code sent by SMS or email.
  • The new method will now require to have one email address to sign in to Skype and the other services.

Skype clarifies that the two step authentication processes are particularly important if you’re going to use one account for multiple services. By announcing this new login facility, Microsoft is trying to simplify the user experience across many devices running Windows and the associated Microsoft software products, linking together into one uniform experience.

Apart from this, Microsoft also announced an update to Skype for Windows Phone 8, which allows the new users to sign up with Skype via a registered Microsoft account. The existing users can also link their Microsoft account. The update brings the same security benefits mentioned above.