Next-Generation Quantum Development Platform Launched By IBM

The chip- giant has launched the Beta of next-generation quantum Development Platform which enables users make circuits and powerful application-building tools.

Recently, IBM introduced a number of significant improvements to the IBM Q Experience quantum cloud services and software platform. 
The IBM Q Experience beta has brought the opportunity to write and execute code to run on real quantum hardware and graphically compose and optimize quantum circuits. Now, programmers and scientists can work with circuits to develop algorithms, save and share experiments, and access quantum computing resources from a single browser.
Beta of Next Generation Quantum Development Platform 
Source: IBM 
The company said that new services will further escalate the movement of research and development on IBM Q systems toward practical applications. And, simplified access to the open-source Qiskit quantum computing software framework is going to help take full advantage of IBM Q systems.
According to the company since launching the world’s first publicly available quantum computer over the cloud, on May 4, 2016, users have already run over 10 million quantum experiments on IBM Q Experience. There have been over 180,000 Qiskit downloads.
The company claims that it provides an improved fully integrated quantum circuit composer which enables you build more complex quantum circuits than ever before to run on a variety of simulators and IBM Q physical quantum systems. New visualization tools will show you changes in the simulated quantum states of the qubits as you compose your circuit. Now when you are programming with the text editor, you will be able to watch your circuit change graphically in real time.
To learn more, visit the official announcement.