Next.js Reaches Version 8

Next.js version 8 has been released, featuring serverless Next.js and massive build-time memory usage reduction.

Next.js has announced its latest production-ready version, Next.js 8. Next.js is a React framework for static and server-rendered applications.
The version 8 includes features, such as serverless Next.js; massive build-time memory usage reduction; build-time environment configuration; prefetch performance improvements; smaller initial HTML size; improved on-demand entries; faster port listening in development; faster Static Export; head element deduplication; new crossOrigin config option; and removed inline Javascript.
According to the company, serverless deployment dramatically improves reliability and scalability by breaking your application into smaller parts. Interestingly, in Next.js, each page in the pages directory becomes a serverless lambda.
To enable serverless mode in Next.js you need to add the serverless build target in next.config.js.
The company said that it contributed to webpack to improve Next.js's build performance and resource utilization, resulting in up to 16x better memory usage with no degradation in performance. It causes the memory to get released much more quickly. And processes don't crash anymore under the heavy stress of many pages.
You can find the full list of new features here.