No-cost desktop software development is dead on Windows 8

Microsoft wants Windows developer to write Windows 8 Metro Style, Touch screen application and these application are come in Visual Studio 11 Express. It is free to use of its integrated development environment. Visual Studio 11 for web will be able to produce HTML and Java Script websites. Visual Studio 11 is an improvement in many ways over Visual Studio 2010.


If you want to develop desktop applications—anything that runs at the command line or on the conventional Windows desktop that remains a fully supported, integral, essential part of Windows 8—you'll have two options: stick with the current Visual C++ 2010 Express and Visual C# 2010 Express products, or pay about $400-500 for Visual Studio 11 Professional. Microsoft has decided that if you want to use these things to write desktop apps, you have to pay. The free Express tools will produce only two things: Metro-style applications for Windows 8, and websites.



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