Node v10 Released

Node.js Foundation has released Node.js 10.0.0, a major realease with a bunch of updates and added features.

Today, Node.js Foundation has released a major version update, Node.js 10.0.0. This is seventh major release the commencement of Node.js Foundation. The official blog indicates that the version 10 will become the next Active Long Term Support branch.

From the official release -

“Partially in celebration of the N-API native addon API graduating from experimental status, this Node.js release also comes with a coordinated experimental release of Node-ChakraCore that has full support for N-API and advances the Time-Travel innovation with easier getting started using a VSCode extension.”

Some of the featured highlights of v10 include -

  • Full support for N-API
  • Easy getting started with Time-Travel Debugging via a new Visual Studio Code Extension
  • TTD support for generators and async functions
  • Support for Inspector protocol
  • Increased stability and other assorted improvements

To get the full list of updates and further details, you can visit the official blog or the GitHub page.