Node.js 6.0 Now Available

Node.js Foundation has announced that Node.js v6 is now available and it is ready for use.
The company states,
“It's here! Just three days shy of exactly six months after we released v5.0.0, the Node.js Foundation is happy to announce that Node.js v6 is available and ready for use!”
The new major version of Node.js comes with significant improvements in performance, reliability, usability and security. This module's loading is almost four times faster compared to Node.js v4. The tests and documents have shown significant improvements, and usability of Buffer and File System APIs have been improved with Node.js now supporting 93 percent of ES6 language features, all thanks to V8 version 5.0.
The company goes on to state,
“In accordance with our Long Term Support plan, Node.js v4 'Argon' will continue to be supported as an Active Long Term Support stream until April of 2017, after which it will transition into what we call Maintenance LTS. The new Node.js v6 branch will become the new Active Long Term Support stream in October of this year, and will continue to be supported actively until April of 2018.”
As per the official blog, the general rule which you need for deciding which version of Node.js to use are:
  • Stay on or upgrade to Node.js v4 (currently at v4.4.3) if you need stability and have a complex production environment.
  • Upgrade to Node.js v6 if you have the ability to upgrade versions quickly and want to play with the latest features as they arrive. 
For downloading of Node.js check here and to gain more information check the official blog post.

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