Node.js Foundation And JS Foundation Talk Merger

Recently, Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation have consented to potentially make a joint association to build a joint community to grow JS and NodeJS ecosystem.

Recently, Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation have consented to potentially make a joint association. 
Board of Directors for both the Node.js and JS Foundations stated that “We have not made any formal decisions at this point regarding a new or merged Foundation and its potential organizational structure, governance policies, technical framework or leadership. This will be formalized based on feedback from the Node.js and JavaScript communities.”
Members of Node.js Foundation's Board of Directors, Technical Steering Committee and Community Committees spoke with representatives of the JS Foundation's Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Committee, answering questions and seeking the advice of the community on the possible structure of a new foundation. Joining will not change the technical independence or autonomy for node.js projects or 28 JS Foundation projects such as Appium, ESLint, or jQuery.
Node.js Foundation, JS Foundation  
Mike Dolan, Vice President of Strategic Programs, the Linux Foundation stated that “The Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation boards have met several times already to discuss a potential alignment of the communities. The Foundation leaders and key technical stakeholders believe that a tighter alignment of communities will expand the scope of the current Foundations and enable greater support for Node.js and a broader range of JavaScript projects”
The additional goals of this merger will be including:
  • Enhanced operational excellence;
  • Streamlined member engagement;
  • Increased collaboration across the JavaScript ecosystem and affiliated standards bodies;
  • An “umbrella” project structure that brings stronger collaboration across all JavaScript projects; and
  • A single, clear home available for any project in the JavaScript ecosystem.
Director of Web Advocacy & Open Source at Samsung Research UK and JSF Board Member, Dan Appelquist shared his views stating “JavaScript is at the core of an ecosystem of technologies that form the backbone of the web and play an increasingly vital role across industry and society.” He also added that “Strong governance, encouraging inclusive contributor communities and engagement in the ongoing standards development are all important factors in ensuring this ecosystem continues healthy development. A merged foundation is well positioned to deliver on these goals”
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