Node.js Tools 1.1 RC for Visual Studio 2015 available now

Yesterday, Microsoft finally released Visual Studio 2015 at the final release event. Now turn Visual Studio into a powerful Node.js development environment with Node.js Tools 1.1 RC for Visual Studio 2015.
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Here are some of the features.
Project Templates
Use built-in project templates to get started building Node.js apps in Visual Studio.
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The IntelliSense engine now has syntactically correct completions. It statistically analyzes your Node.js code and packages.
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npm integration
Now explore packages and their dependencies in the npm tree view. You can also see warnings when any dependencies are missing.
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Advanced debugging
Conditional breakpoints, tracepoints, hit counts, edit-and-continue and cross-OS remote debugging are some advanced features for debugging.
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You can download it from here and for other features, visit the link.