nopCommerce 3.80 Officially Released: New Features And Enhancements

The new version nopCommerce 3.80 is now available for download. This latest release offers a lot of new improvements and features. It is great to see nopCommerce community growing and with each release, nopCommerce is getting better and better as a product. It offers the merchants (beginner as well as experienced) a new set of features that helps them create captivating shopping experience.

Here, we will go over some of the latest features and improvements that nopCommerce 3.80 version has to offer. 

Completely re-designed administration area / back-end

For this latest version (3.80), the main focus of nopCommerce team was to improve the overall experience for the users (online shoppers) as well as the store admins. A lot of work has been done in terms of UI and UX improvement, especially in administration area, to make it easier for merchants / store owners to manage the store site irrespective of their experience. 

  • Administration area is now responsive 

    When tested, the new administration area on different mobile devices is one of the best user-experiences for store admins while managing the store site. It is viewable on all mobile devices with a “very” user-friendly store management on-the-go. Improvement in the administration area design has been the most long awaited feature that finally is here. This design improvement will certainly make many store owners / admins happy.



  • Basic and advanced modes

    Displaying the options on any administration page, based on the basic and advanced mode, is simply a genius idea. This is going to be very popular feature of nopCommerce because it makes the administration area easy to use for beginners as well as for experienced. Every online store (or online business) is different in terms of work-flow, process, and storing product information. This mode feature makes the nopCommerce administration area even more flexible, by meeting the needs and requirements of many store owners / admins.


Here is an example of a product (in basic mode):


Here is an example of the same product (in advanced mode):


One of the best things, users are going to love about this mode feature is that it allows store owners to choose what options to display on the page in basic mode. This way, every store owner can configure the page as per his / her business needs and requirements.

  • Administration search option autocomplete functionality 

    Now, store owners / admins can easily search for menu items and pages by simply entering the search term or menu item; and a list of matching results will show up.
  • Fully customizable dashboard 

    Store owners / admins can easily customize the dashboard and select what reports they need on their dashboard.

New feature - Cumulative discounts

The latest release (nopCommerce 3.80) offers a much more flexible discount system that helps store owners / admins in creating different kinds of campaigns. This feature of “cumulative discounts” basically means that several discounts can be used simultaneously as long as the discounts are configured as same discount type in the administration section.


Color square specification attribute type (allow filtering by this type on catalog pages)

With the addition of this new functionality of color square specification, online shoppers will be able to search products on nopCommerce websites by color. This is going to make the nopCommerce public store even more user-friendly as different filter options make the product catalog easy to browse and customers are more likely to find the right product(s).


Better "in-store pickup" support

nopCommerce 3.80 also offers better “in-store pickup support” that allows a store owner / admin to add / select multiple pickup points. Hence, during the checkout process, customers can select the pick-up locations from the list. The map indicating the locations can be included too.

 Some other improvements

  • Added new product attribute type Image squares. It's very similar to "color squares" attribute type. But allows a store owner can upload pictures instead of choosing of colors. Attribute value images make it more clear to the customer what they are choosing
  • Allow a store owner to configure custom RMA# (return request number)
  • Export and import now supports product attributes (Excel)
  • Performance optimization. Much faster caching (removed locking)
  • Support for new version reCAPTCHA / V2
  • A lot of other source code refactoring
  • And much more...

You can read the full release notes in details here:


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