Now we could fly around the globe within hours

It takes me about 20+ hours to fly from the US to India and the last 2 hours are the worst. In a recent hypersonic breakthrough, one UK Company is saying that now you could fly around the globe within hours.

A news story published in Wired reports that a British company has made “the biggest breakthrough in aerospace propulsion technology since the invention of the jet engine”.

The UK company called Reaction Engines Limited claims it has cracked the problem with a design that could allow a vehicle to take off, reach orbit using a combination of an air-breathing engine and rocket, then return to Earth. The secret is cooling the air as it enters the hypersonic SABRE engine.

It looks like this new plane will take us into orbit (using a rocket), fly the distance, then return to Earth. So, no more clouds and no more thunderstorms.

While all this sounds interesting, it also sounds scary. Every time I fly, I will be going into Earth’s orbit (in a rocket) and back again.

How about this cool looking Jet?


Will you fly in this jet?


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