Now your lost Android phone can call you

Google's new update to Android Device Manager adds a lock screen button that asks whoever finds your phone to call a number that you specify.

 Google has rolled out a new update to its Android Device Manager service that allows you to put a password-protected lock screen on your lost phone and a big green dialer button on it saying “Please call me”. The new feature is being rolling out to both the Web interface and the official app for Android Device Manager.

Users can type in any message into their Android device manager when you’re remotely locking your lost phone, along with the number you would like the finder to call. The new feature works in addition to the built in security features in your Android device manager that let you lock, locate and wipe your mobile.

Once the phone number is added, the only action the finder can take is to either successfully enter the password, or press the big green dialer button to call the number you entered into Android Device Manager. Once they call you, you can set up a way for them to return it to you.

Google is planning to include an anti-theft kill-switch in its next version of Android OS. The internet giant has partnered with Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, and Apple to implement a kill switch feature in all devices by the middle of 2015. The kill-switch feature will be incorporated to reduce mobile thefts. The feature will probably not render the phone permanently unusable, but owners may be able to restore its functionality in case they recover the device.

Source: Google Device Manager