NuoDB: Database Built on Emergent Architecture

NuoDB is being announced as the new age database including some key points.

  • 100% SQL
  • 100% ACID
  • 100% Elastically Scalable
  • 100% Free Forever

NuoDB is a complete re-think of relational databases based on an emergent architecture. It scales like NoSQL, but offers the best features of existing SQL databases too. And, our Community Edition is free forever!

NuoDB is unlike any other database when you look “Under The Hood”, but to developers and their applications, it behaves just like any other SQL-compliant, ACID database.

With the ACID guarantees and all the goodness of SQL, there is no re-training needed. Also no heavy lifting to program queries into the application itself.

NuoDB gives you all the best features of a traditional RDBMS and elastic scalability in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

NuoDB is the first and only patented SQL database built on the principle of emergence.

Think of a flock of birds in the sky – they take off together, fly together, and land together, yet no one bird is in charge. That’s how NuoDB works too: it’s based upon an asynchronous, peer-to-peer, decentralized database architecture.



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