NVIDIA Launches Jarvis For GPU-Accelerated Conversational AI Applications

Jarvis is a framework for GPU-Accelerated Conversational AI Applications.

Recently, NVIDIA launched a fully accelerated application framework for building multimodal conversational AI services that use an end-to-end deep learning pipeline - Jarvis.
Well, the Jarvis framework comprises pre-trained conversational AI models, tools in the NVIDIA AI Toolkit, and optimized end-to-end services for speech, vision, and natural language understanding tasks.
Source: NVIDIA  
The framework offers you state-of-the-art deep learning models trained for over 100,000 hours on NVIDIA DGX systems. These pre-trained models and scripts used in Jarvis are available in NGC without any charges.
Source: NVIDIA 
The platform also brings multi-skill samples that developers can customize for their use case. Jarvis allows you to use speech, language understanding, and vision pipelines along with a dialog manager that carries multi-user and multi-context to author new skills.