Office 365 adds Email Import Service

Email migration can be a painful and hectic process for individuals and enterprises when moving their emails into the Office 365 cloud. To ease the pain of migration, the Office 365 team recently announced a new preview version of an email import service called Office 365 Import Service. This service allows individuals and smaller data sets to be directly uploaded to Microsoft servers and larger emails can be sent to Microsoft in a hard drive.

Danny Popper, program manager for the Office 365 wrote via the blog post:

We are thrilled to announce the public preview of the new Office 365 Import Service, which provides two new options for speeding up the process of importing PST files into Exchange Online mailboxes.

Option 1: For smaller sets of data, we are enabling network uploads of PST files to Microsoft servers, which we then import into Exchange Online mailboxes.

Option 2: For larger datasets, you can copy PST archive files onto hard drives and mail them directly to Microsoft datacenters. Once we receive the drives, we copy the PST files to internal servers and then import the mail into Exchange Online mailboxes.

Both of these options use our internal datacenter network, with significantly faster throughput and lower latency. We’ll publish more precise data on expected speeds towards the end of the preview.

Accessing the import service is easy. When you first log on to the Office 365 admin center there is a new IMPORT tab on the left-hand navigation bar. Once you’re on the IMPORT page, you can create a new drive shipping or network upload job.