Office 365 And Dynamics 365 Being Equipped With New AI-Powered Features

At the Microsoft Ignite conference, which brings around 23,000 IT professionals together, the company is taking the opportunity to speak about how it plans to bring more intelligence to its tools as well as platforms.
As the companies collect more and more data, Microsoft argues that it is becoming essential that the tools, used by these companies, become smarter. This means, bringing better analytics to the workplace in order to help individual employees become more productive, but at the same time, also bringing machine learning-powered tools to services, such as CRM service Dynamics 365.
However, one thing that the company kept on stressing, during a small press event ahead of the conference, was that Microsoft does not believe that the AI technologies would ever replace human. Instead, it will empower them. We will need to wait and see how this is going to work, in the long run.
In concrete and more immediate terms, this means that Microsoft is planning on bringing more cloud-powered intelligence services to Office 365 in near future. The upcoming QuickStarter for PowerPoint and Sway will soon be able to provide the users with curated outlines for any topics, which goes on to include text as well as Creative Commons-licensed images, so as to provide the users with easily and simply transform geographic data into Bing-powered maps. Also, simply taping on Word and Outlook would help the users to find the existing content in the company, which might be relevant to the document which you as a user is currently working on.
Office 365 is also about to gain a built in tools which would allow the users to track their productivity with the help of Microsoft MyAnalytics, which was earlier known as Delve Analytics. This service would allow the users to compare their personal analytics with that of their other team members.
Microsoft in its official blog states,
“Today, we’re excited to announce the evolution of personal analytics in Office 365 with Microsoft MyAnalytics, formerly known as Delve Analytics. MyAnalytics helps you focus on what matters most by providing personalized insights about how you spend your time at work. In addition to the capabilities that had been available in Delve Analytics, MyAnalytics will allow you to stay up-to-date with important contacts, share key metrics with a coach and help you prioritize the time you spend with different groups.”
The company also states that Dynamics 365 will soon get smarter. Thanks to the built-in AI assistants which will go on to help users to surface actionable data and also help sales teams to find the best next action, as they are trying to close the deal. This new Relationships Assistant for Dynamics 365 for Sales is based on Cortana Intelligence Suite, which the company introduced in 2015.