Office 365 Opens to JavaScript Developers

Now, you don’t have to be a Microsoft .NET developer to interact with Office 365. In a blog post today, the product marketing manager of Office 365, Jeremy Thake announced that the Office 365 API now supports JavaScript.

“Today, we launched new capabilities to allow JavaScript developers to interact with the Office 365 APIs. The OneDrive for Business and Sites APIs now have cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) support and Mail/Calendar/Contacts are coming soon. As more Office 365 API endpoints come online for services they will also support this including Office Graph, Yammer, Video Portal, Skype and content services” wrote Jeremy.

With the new API support, developers now can use a typical Microsoft .NET language such as C# to write server side code or use JavaScript to write client-side code. Developers can even write single-page applications that have a better user experience and better performance.

Microsoft is slowly pivoting away from being a Windows only company to a cross-platform and open source company. In a recent news, Microsoft and Google started working together to build a better Angular 2 using TypeScript.


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